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Rugowit is a company specialized in the mediation and employment assistance for people who wants to work in the Netherlands, also searching and recruiting the right worker profile for Dutch companies who are looking for a new employees.

We find a job that fits your qualifications for a verified employer in the Netherlands.

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Jarrar Jallal

I was in the process of finding a new job in EU, but could not find anything with a good work-life balance. Finally, I contacted recruiting company Rugowit and they provided me with detailed information regarding job oportunities, sallary, accomodation and all other important information. After only a few weeks I was employed and now, I am still working there, very satisfied and happy with my new job and new life.

Danijela Karaula

At first, I was very sceptical about getting a job in Netherlands through a recruiting agency. However, I contacted a recruiting agency Rugowit, which is run by Mr Davor Kavelj, and they gave me lot of information about job oportunites, working hours and conditions, public transportation, taxes, etc. That information later showed to be of a great relevance to me. Accepting a job position provided to me by agency Rugowit changed my life for the better and I am so much happier now with my job. I'm planning to stay and work here for many years.

Velimir Vukelić

I started looking for a job during the turbulent period of not knowing if Croatian nationals will still need to obtain a work permit to work in Netherlands . Application, contact, communication and job arrangement through the Rugowit agency went very smoothly. Better than I expected. I received a very clear guidelines how to apply for a job, information about the job itself and expected sallary. Before even arriving to Netherlands I received so many useful information about the country, its culture and interesting activities that really helped me a lot. Sufficient number of working hours is provided, as well as help with getting a BSN number and adjustment to the new life environment.