All-round electrician - Are you an experienced electrician seeking exciting opportunities abroad? Join us in the Netherlands, earn from €630 and elevate your career to new heights + great accommodation! Please send us your CV and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
Electrical / technician / service - The Netherlands - 07.06.2024

About this offers:

- Long-term projects with high-profile clients

- Excellent terms and prompt payments

- Hassle-free employment experience

We are hiring:

- Industrial Electricians

- Panel Builder Electricians

- Ship Electricians

- Building Electricians

Responsibilities include:

- Pulling and connecting cables in control rooms and the field

- Connecting cables to instruments, engines, and steering control boxes

- Building and wiring new cabinets from scratch

- Mounting copper, metal parts, and components

- Wiring and labeling cables in new cabinets

- Connecting electrical systems, security systems, and smoke detection


- Educated and qualified as an electrician

- Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience

- Conversational level of English or German

What we offer:

- Contract within one week if you qualify

- Net payments from €630 net per week

- Optional costs for rental car and tools

- Free accommodation with single rooms

- Obligated Dutch health insurance arranged by us

- €100 net starting bonus on your first working day

- Free toolbox, including personal safety equipment


- Single rooms in shared houses, apartments, or bungalows

- Wi-Fi, kitchen/kitchenette, shared bathroom, laundry facilities

- Shared rental car option available