Flower bulb production worker - Seeking responsible production warehouse workers for flower bulbs production, starting mid-July 2024 with a starting salary of 530-600 euros brutto per week. The role includes sorting, packing, and logging flower bulbs. Accommodation is provided.
- Amsterdam regio - 07.06.2024

Looking for Responsible Production Warehouse Workers - Flower Bulb Production

Starting Date: Week 26 (from 24 June 2024)
Salary: 13.27 euros brutto per hour, 530-600 euros brutto weekly
Accommodation: Single bed/one person per room

Job Activities:

  • Various positions with different responsibilities
  • Sorting and counting incoming flower bulbs
  • Inspecting flower bulb varieties
  • Packing flower bulbs based on work orders
  • Logging into the computer and completing orders
  • Digitally sending work orders to the office

Work Times/Days: Seasonal job from mid-July to October/November, from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 – 17:00/18:00, with a one-hour break, 40-45 hours per week

Additional Allowances:

  • Overtime from Monday to Saturday: 30% surcharge + 8.33% holiday allowance
  • Overtime on Sundays and public holidays: 85% surcharge + 8.33% holiday pay
  • Working hours after 21:00 and before 06:00: 20% surcharge + 8.33% holiday pay
  • Travel allowances: distance 3-10 km - 1.25 euros per day; distance 11-25 km - 0.21 euros per km; max. allowance 10.50 euros per day


  • Responsible individuals who notify in advance about sick days or days off

Clothing: Safety shoes and high-visibility vest

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