Electrician in a petrochemical plant - Secured, well-paid, and long-term employment. Free accommodation. Excellent earnings. For all other details, click here!
Electrical / technician / service - Rotterdam regio - 22.03.2024

Are you an electrician? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

• We have attractive jobs for electricians

• Long-term projects with high-profile clients

• We offer excellent conditions and weekly payments

• You can enjoy a hassle-free and satisfying job with us

We are currently looking for:

• Industrial electrician

• Panel builder electrician

• Ship electrician

• Construction electrician

If you are qualified, we offer a contract within a week!


    Net pay/week € 636

    Net pay/4 weeks € 2,544

    Net pay/month € 2,753

Net pay is based on standard 40 working hours and is paid weekly.

Optional costs

Car rental € 40 per random week

Tools € 265 once (payment in two installments)

If you want to use company tools or a car, optional costs will be deducted from net pay.

Other benefits

    Free accommodation in a single room

    We provide mandatory Dutch health insurance, free of charge

    Free tool kit, including personal safety equipment

Job descriptions:


Pulling and connecting cables in control rooms and on the plant elements

Connecting cables to instruments, motors, and control boxes

Working in factories and ATEX explosion-protected areas (with certification)

Assembly of cables through cable glands and their connection


Building and wiring cabinets from scratch

Mounting copper metal plates and components

Wiring and labeling cables in new cabinets

Assembly and connection of control components on panels for new cabinets


Mounting PVC pipes, junction boxes, and pulling wires and cables

Connecting switches, connectors, and lights to wiring

Mounting cable trays and pulling cables inside buildings

Connecting electrical systems, security systems, and smoke detection systems


Connecting cables in the control room

Connecting small cabinets on the bridge, engine room, and technical spaces

Pulling cables in work and living areas

Connecting cables to electrical controllers, control parts, and lights

Employment requirements:

- educated and qualified as an electrician

- relevant work experience, minimum 3 years

- speak English or German at a conversational level

- have a driver's license, B category   



Accommodations are shared houses, apartments, or bungalows. In each accommodation, you will be placed in a single room, so rooms are not shared, each person has their own room.


We always try to find accommodation near the project up to 40 km.


Wi-Fi service

Shared kitchen

Bathroom that...